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The centre is Venice.
From there, like ripples across the water, place after place waiting to be discovered.
In a world where distance is no longer a challenge, the true meaning of adventure is going into depth, understanding roots and values and savouring unfamiliar experiences with the help of guides who turn places into stories.

Venice is the heart.
All around it, spreading out like ripples, are areas ripe for exploration. In a world of shrinking distances, the real adventure is to explore in depth…
…to gain an understanding of the roots of a place and the values that shape its identity, to savour experiences that are out of the ordinary, in the company of expert guides that know everything there is to know about their subject.

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Another side of Venice

Discover the hidden Venice. Leave the beaten track and strike up your own rapport with the city and its inhabitants.
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the real city, the quarters where real Venetians still live and work, where the tang of salt air mingles with the scent of spices.
Passages from Calvino, Goethe and Marinetti light up the history, lore and character of a city reflected in the water.
You’ll find out the history of the stones you’re treading, the names and origins of the plants that grow on the banks of the canals, and you’ll fall into step with the rhythms of nature that for centuries have insinuated themselves into the living fabric of this city.
And the extraordinary transformations that have taken place over the centuries, with reclamations and earthworks that have reaffirmed the city’s eternal ties with its watery foundations.

Land and sea, sea and land

Waves lapping at the edge of the lagoon, freshwater springs, bends in the river: everywhere you look, it’s water that shapes this place.
Da putini che da grandi, siora tera ai so comandi, siora aqua bonasera (Gualtiero Bertelli) Venice is a place where land and water coexist in a fragile equilibrium, that still preserves natural treasures of formidable beauty.
There are beaches still unspoilt by tourism, islands in the heart of the lagoon where silence still reigns in the woods and along the shorelines. Places where every season has its own special treats.
The sudden fragrance of spring flowers, the thousand glorious colours of autumn, the sparkle of certain winter mornings and the simple joy of summer days.
Hear that flutter of wings? We’ll teach you how to recognize the bird that’s making it. More than hoofprints: follow us and with a little luck you’ll see some real live roe deer.
We’ll show you the way – nature does the rest.

Landscapes rich in history

The area demarcated by Venice and Padua to the south and west, Treviso to the north and Trieste further east is bristling with hidden marvels.
Villages straddling rivers, where water drives the local economy; the aristocratic villas of the Veneto, the forebears of the rural retreat; tradition, craft, authentic flavours and – everywhere you look – the traces of a thousand years of history.
The landscapes are gentle and studded with architectural masterpieces and the minor treasures of rural culture.
Excursions like these are a chance to rediscover the past, to get in touch with the spirit of place, meet the people who live here and listen to their stories…

Audaci Alchimie

Nature, literature, tradition, memory: these are the elements. Venice is where they meet and mix.
Where every excursion is a learning experience full of games, stories, discovery and more…
Where nature is both the protagonist and the backdrop, and its beauty is celebrated in passages from great authors…
Where music, food, the visual arts and dance come together in a truly unique alchemy…
Perfect for getting away from it all – SlowVenice style!

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