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Project Description

Every day a different leg, along the coast from Bibione to Venice

The lands of Venice, north of the lagoon, are characterized by a very strong bond with water, which for centuries was ruled by the city on the lagoon. You can discover its signs in the reclamation works, in the canals and in the pumping plants which stud the entire region. Also the many Venetian villas, built during the period of the Most Serene Republic, give the landscape another touch of beauty. Discovering these lands on a bicycle is the ideal way to watch the changing landscapes of the lagoon, to stop on the sea shore, visit churches, gardens and historic villages, or pause in the taverns to taste traditional dishes and a glass of good wine.


Day 1, Saturday: Welcome!

Arrival in Venice. Besides giving you the first information on the visit and all the instructions for your transfers, she will introduce you through her experience to your “Italian lifestyle” stay.

Accommodation in a facility in Bibione, welcome dinner.

Day 2, Sunday: Along the Tagliamento River to the fishing village of Caorle

Until the second half of the 1900, this area was an island between the Tagliamento River, the lagoon valleys and Baseleghe Harbour, without any settlements. Still today you can discover, next to the tourist settlements, many different environments: the shore, the dunes, the fens and the Revelino brackish wetland area. Along the edges of the valleys, on imposing fossil dunes in the thick Holm oak woods, there is the “Mutteron dei Frati” with the remains of a Roman-era Maritime Villa.
At the Bibione Farm you can rest and buy the products of these lands. Continue, still skirting the edge of the lagoon, pedalling towards the sea. Hemingway stayed in Valle Franchetti and Valle Grande, and described these places in his book “Across the River and into the Trees”.
Soon you arrive at Caorle, which welcomes you with dozens of fishing boats anchored in the Orologio canal and with the square decorated by the cylindrical bell tower.

The day ends with a walk along the famous sculpted cliff, gallery of sculptures taken from the blocks of trachyte placed to defend the historic centre from the waves of the sea; an open-air museum, along which you can admire unusual works of art.
Overnight stay in Caorle.

Notes: easy route  55 km
mountain bike, city bike
70% asphalted & 30% non-asphalted

Day 3, Monday: Caorle, fishermen’s island and the reclamation of Brian and Ca’ Corniani

You will be fascinated by the village of Caorle with its colours, narrow streets and enchanting waterfront. At Porto Falconera you are at the edge of the lagoon and following the bicycle path along the embankment you reach the Fishermen’s Island. Stroll in a village of reed casoni, ancient residences of fishermen built with traditional techniques which are still passed down in the lagoon of Caorle. Seeing the boats, fishing nets and listening to the tales of the old fishermen you will experience the atmosphere of an ancient job that follows the rhythm of the daylight and nighttime hours, the tides and the seasons, which attract to the lagoon grey mullets, sea bream, sea bass, squid and shrimp. Then you ride in the countryside between the Lemene and Livenza rivers and discover the other face of the area, the reclaimed and cultivated part. At Ca’ Corniani and Ca’ Cottoni you can experience the atmosphere of the rural village with the large farmhouses, shops and stables. Around, from the high embankments of the Livenza, the countryside spreads out.

Overnight stay in Caorle.

Notes:  easy route   40 km
mountain bike, city bike
80% asphalted & 20% non-asphalted

Day 4: Tuesday From Caorle to Jesolo along the Litoranea Veneta

Following the river channels, the canals and the geometries of the reclamation that connect the lands between Eraclea and Caorle, you can discover the land behind the most famous coastlines of the Veneto.
The beach is always close by, and you can stop for a refreshing plunge in the sea at any time.
But in the meantime you let yourself be captured by the history, culture and traditions that you discover in the small rural villages, the casoni huts, the pumping plants and the natural environments. These waterways, still today not busy, were for centuries an important connection between Venice and Trieste. Burci and peate, bragozzi and caorline were ancient boats that plied between the green embankments loaded with merchandise, either with a colourful sail or oars.
The Roman roads passed through these lands, gromatici worked here, whose main task was to measure the agricultural lands, and then hydraulic engineers and scarriolanti (men with wheelbarrows), who carried out the reclamation to prevail over the swamp. In Brian, you will find the great “Porte Vinciane”, which open against the current using the pressure of the water for more effective closing, in Torre di Fine the imposing pumping plant and in Fagiana the last rice paddy of the area.
If you decide to extend the route, you can visit the Reclamation Museum of San Donà di Piave.

Overnight stay in an Adria Bikes Hotels facility in Jesolo.

Notes: easy route  45 km
mountain bike, city bike
70% asphalted & 30% non-asphalted

Day 5: Wednesday From Jesolo to the coastline of Cavallino and the Lido of Venice

By following the Sile river – Piave Vecchia and its green meanderings of reeds, you arrive at the coastline of Cavallino. The route along the edge of the lagoon winds, in some sections, between vegetable and flower gardens.
The small urban centres of Ca’ Di Valle, Ca’ Ballarin, Ca’ Pasquali and Ca’ Savio follow one after the other, named for the families who settled in this sandy soil to farm it.
A boat trip and you are at the Lido, the island with the most famous beach of Venice, home of the Venice Film Festival. Following the lagoon edge of the island, the eye becomes lost in the broad horizons of the South Lagoon and is captured by the small islands of the Lazzaretto Vecchio, Santo Spirito and Poveglia.

After a stop in the ancient village of Malamocco, which was the seat of the Doges in ancient times, you reach Alberoni, a nature oasis of dunes and coastal forest. From here you can decide whether to turn back or cross the Bocca di Porto on the ferry to continue along the island of Pellestrina. The imposing “Murazzi” wall of Istrian stone, built on the sea in the XVIII century to defend the coastline, is the sentry of the island and follows you a long way.

If you give yourself a little time you can visit the Natural Oases of Alberoni and Caroman and the fishing centre of Pellestrina where you could meet the fishermen intent on their work, and also taste the excellent fish in small trattorias facing the lagoon.

Overnight stay in an Adria Bikes Hotels facility in Jesolo

Notes:  easy route. Route from Jesolo to Lido and back 45 km, route to Pellestrina and back 65 km
racing bike, mountain bike, city bike
100% asphalted

Day 6, Thursday: Day of rest and visit of Venice, city of water

Morning: rest on the beach or free time in Venice
Afternoon: “I slow Venice!” guided tour of Venice. You’ll find out the history of the stones you’re treading, the names and origins of the plants that grow on the banks of the canals, and you’ll fall in step with the rhythms of nature that have insinuated themselves into the living fabric of this city of water. And the extraordinary transformations that have taken place over the centuries, with reclamations and earthworks that have reaffirmed the city’s eternal ties with its watery foundations.

Experience the real Venice in the company of people who share your desire to dwell a little on the particulars of place, and savour the atmosphere in an unhurried fashion. That’s the only way you’ll be able to say “I Slow Venice!”.

Overnight stay in an Adria Bikes Hotels facility in Jesolo

Day 7, Friday: from Jesolo to Lio Piccolo and Lio Maggiore: boat and bicycle excursion of the North Lagoon and the ancient Lidos (UNESCO site)

Astride the bicycle discover a peninsula between sea and lagoon and visit the villages and valleys of the north lagoon (declared UNESCO, World Heritage Site).
From the village of Treporti, the road winds between lagoon canals, vegetable gardens and fishing valleys (areas closed off from the lagoon where fish is raised). Immersed in an almost surreal quiet, interrupted only by the flight and calls of many types of birds, you can stop in the small, ancient village of Lio Piccolo, then continue to the bank of the Valle Liona from which the boat leaves which will take you to Lio Maggiore or Cavallino.
It is the time to listen to the peace of the lagoon, to spy the darting of the fish in the transparent water and watch the Egret, a very common wader that moves around in shallow water. Often you can spot groups of Pink Flamingos looking for food in the shallow waters of the fish valleys and elegant Black-winged stilts, with very long orange legs, taking turns at the nest.
You can buy fruit and vegetables just picked directly from the greengrocers. At Lio Maggiore you start biking again first along roads between the fish valleys (Valli da pesca) and then following the bank of the Sile until you are back at the starting point.

Overnight stay in an Adria Bikes Hotels facility in Jesolo.

Day 8: Saturday free programme and departure




– all the itineraries have been road tested by our guides: routes and mileage are accurate
– we will provide the customers with a detailed road book so they can easily organise the trip even without a guide present
– in addition, every customer will be given the travel book “A friend in Venice”, customised travel diary with all information necessary during the stay and 24/7 cell number for any need
– welcome at the airport by one of our associates, Australian by birth and resident of Venice for many years: a person who knows Italy perfectly, but who will know how to welcome your customers with particular attention to their needs and curiosity
– every trip can be customised further and we can provide luggage transport services, dedicated guides, in-depth themes (art, nature, birdwatching)
– Hotels and Agritourism selected to welcome bicycle tourists. Some of theme belong to 
Adria Bikes Hotel.

DURATION: 8 days / 7 nights
(Saturday to Saturday. You can schedule arrival on another day with some changes to the programme)

INDIVIDUAL PRICE with half board
Discount rates for families and small groups: ask us for a quote!

16/4–13/5 16/9-15/10  14/5–17/06  01/9-15/09 18/06-31/07
Agritourism € 774,00 € 815,00 € 878,00
2-Star Hotel € 656,00 € 697,00 € 738,00
3-Star Hotel € 705,00 € 752,00 € 820,00
4-Star Hotel € 830,00 € 950,00 € 1030,00

The individual price includes:
overnight stay in tourist accommodation, double room and half board from dinner the first day to breakfast the last day;
welcome on the first day, delivery of the materials and information for your stay;
bicycle hire for 6 days;
“I slow Venice!” guided tour;
transfer by “pontoon boat” from Lio Piccolo to Lio Maggiore;
“A friend in Venice” travel notebook with description of the routes, useful information and telephone support.

The individual price does not include:
Round trip from and to your city of origin;
Entrance ticket to visit monuments;
Tourist tax;
Possible transfers from the airport or station to the hotel and vice versa on the date of arrival and departure to be decided based on the number of customers;
Possible transport of luggage from hotel to hotel;
Anything not expressly listed in “the price includes”.

Single room supplement euro 15.00/30.00;
Dedicated SlowVenice guide euro 295.00 per day per group;
Public transport ticket for transfers from the Litorale to Venice, from Punta Sabbioni to the Lido at Pellestrina.


Richiedi preventivo

Customise your stay!

You can choose where to stay, the activities you prefer, the topics you are most interested in, the areas on which you want to elaborate, what you want to know and discover for the first time.

You can choose to be accompanied by the stories and professionalism of our guides during your entire stay, just for some days or individual excursions, or you can opt for being guided by our travel book specially made for you!

You’ll be able to give an added value to your holidays and let yourself be transported by the continuous surprises that only the essence of Venice and its lagoon can offer.

Call me or write us: we’ll help you get it!