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Nature holiday in the Venice lagoon

Nature knows how to bestow a sense of great excitement and settings wrapped in magical silence that offer unforgettable moments in life. This travel experience will really amaze you with the centuries-old history of the places you will visit by taking you on a journey of discovery to remote and evocative corners with all the sounds and colours of nature.

Conche is a pearl set in the Venice lagoon, the only strip of the Province of Padua that touches the lagoon.

An authentic paradise of history and nature.

It has its roots in Roman times but this area’s development is even more evocative: where asparagus and radicchi are cultivated today was once a swamp. The Brenta River, over time, has left its silt on the lagoon’s mudflats, burying the entire area behind Chioggia.

Explore with us the natural oasis of Valle Millecampi included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, an example of how nature still reigns supreme. Ride through this landscape along the high embankments that separate them from the lagoon, from where you can see the remains of the fishermen’s huts, or ‘casoni’, the bell towers of Chioggia, and the Murazzi in Pellestrina. You arrive in Venice and the Riviera del Brenta, and discover that the lagoon is a world that embraces many unique and unexpected realities.

For those who love outdoor holidays

  • Day 1 — Arrival

Upon your arrival you will receive the travel guide Un amico a Venezia (Your Friend in Venice) with all the tips and events taking place during the period of your stay.

Bike tour and visit to the nature oasis in southern lagoon

Bike tour and visit to the historic casone built in a genuine fishing reserve – a natural oasis in the southern lagoon. The particular form of environment and location of the oasis make it the ideal habitat for numerous rare bird species and extraordinarily rich wildlife.

The dinner with typical dishes of Venetian cuisine awaits you in your residence.

  • Day 2 — Venice Lagoon (South)

Nature tour by canoe

From the traditional casone, the route takes you on a voyage of exploration of the fishing reserve, which, covering 1608 hectares as it does, represents an extraordinary example of the lagoon environment and landscape. Over the expanses of water, you reach the lagoon’s casoni, which visually disrupt the line of the water horizon and are extraordinary testimonies to a rural culture in perfect balance with the lagoon ecosystem.

  • Day 3 — Chioggia and Pellestrina

Bike tour in Chioggia and Pellestrina

Crossing the renowned Porta di Santa Maria, enter Chioggia, to explore its legendary liveliness and the fish market that envelops you in an intense atmosphere of smells, colours and sounds. The main course ends on a terrace overlooking the blue lagoon horizons.

The cycling route of the islands of Venice

From here on board a boat cross the channel inlet to reach the island of Pellestrina, the southernmost edge of the Venice’s shores.
This easy excursion lets you enjoy a cycling experience across including sea, lagoon, fishing villages as far as the nature reserve on the beach, one of the most intact dunes of all the upper Adriatic.

Venice glimmers in the background, immersed in the light and reflections of the lagoon and one’s gaze ranges from fishing boats that rest anchored to the banks to the fishing nets laid out to dry, to the terns practising their acrobatic dives to catch fish.
Lunch in the restaurant to get to know the lagoon also through its typical recipes!

  • Day 4 — Venice

The nature of Venice

The Venetian labyrinth always holds a sudden glimpse from afar in store for the visitor, or a calle (street in Venetian), or waterfront encountered for the first time. Follow an untrodden itinerary, and an alternative to the tourist trail, which is based on the daily life of those who live in the city so that you can explore what it’s really like and what makes it tick accompanied by guides who, if nothing else, can tell a good story about each place you visit.

  • Day 5 — Fishing reserves in the lagoon

The natural oases of Venice

Tour to visit the natural oases and fishing reserves of the Venice lagoon for the protection of the environment, the use of nature and the production of fish.
In the ‘valli’, (waterways) of the lagoon the rhythm of the seasons has for centuries marked the migration of birds and fish and the work of the valesani(inhabitants of the wetlands) whose every movement is rooted in ancient craft, the result of experience, knowledge and respect of the natural environment.

  • Day 6 — Riviera del Brenta

Bike tour along the Riviera del Brenta

The ancient waterway flows placid and glittering with ripples framed by eye-catching Venetian villas and majestic gardens.
As you cycle quietly to the fresh fragrance of cut grass on the banks, the quacking of ducks and rhythmic sound of the mill running after you, you can savour time which, in the same way as the water, is moving slowly. Visit at your choice of one or more villas open to the public.

Lunch in a surprising restaurant housed in an ancient mill, which still preserves gears and tools, part of which is still in operation.

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Le oasi naturalistiche di Venezia


Luana, guida slowvenice
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Here is the SlowVenice Partner you will meet in this experience “Venice nature holiday and nature holidays”:

Domus Clugiae: located in the heart of the historic centre of Chioggia guarantees a warm welcome and hospitality acclaimed by all the guests who have stayed there. The variety of vacation options and the special service for those who travel on foot and by bike make the Residence an ideal point of reference for cultural excursions, inland sightseeing and total relaxation at the bathing establishments of the nearby Sottomarina.

The rooms are 20 for a total of 48 beds. There are various types, from single to double to multiple, all equipped with private bathroom and air conditioning. Some rooms are equipped for disabled guests.

The 3-star quality at the price of a hostel with the added value of very polite and friendly staff.

Here to find out more about Domus Clugiae

Customize your stay!

Choose whether to be accompanied by the tales and professionalism of our guides for the entire duration of your stay, or for a few days, or just for individual excursions, or simply follow the tours independently using the directions and suggestions included in our travel book especially prepared for you!
Experience new thrills and immerse yourself in the magical combination of unique elements and sensations. Let yourself be carried away by the never-ending surprises that only the essential Terre di Venezia and its lagoon can offer you.

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Customize your stay!
Choose whether to be accompanied by the tales and professionalism of our guides for the entire duration of your stay, or for a few days, or just for individual excursions.

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