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Project Description

Venice art & nature

Coming up slowly to Venice is immensely fascinating, starting from the lagoon, the environment that has generated it and which also protects it, discovering a landscape that has been redesigned by the human mind through the stories of its inhabitants and the places lived by its illustrious figures. It’s just like opening a casket and understanding the secret of an enchanting place.

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Day 1, 

Arrival at the coast of Cavallino Treporti and accommodation in the chosen residence.

Day 2, 

Easy bike tour with SlowVenice’s guide to discover the coastline, all even ground, along the peninsula among beaches, coastal forests, urban gardens, fishermen’ villages and fish farms.

Typical lunch with Venetian tradition fish recipes in the historical osteria, in Treporti.

Afternoon: Excursion by boat to fisher farm

A Venetian fish farm still operating and an important nesting and hibernation site for many bird species. Without any noise, without human presence within a radius of hundreds and hundreds of meters, fully immersed in the lagoon landscape, listen to the stories of the valligiano (fish farmer) while the boat penetrates the quietness of the two lakes that make up the fish farm.

Day 3,

Morning: ‘Artisan for one hour’ Laboratory to discover the secrets of a Venetian art

An opportunity to discover Screen Printing, a printing technique that enables experimenting with colours and making a work of art reproducible, though still keeping its uniqueness.
The laboratory is given in the historical Serigrafia , in an authentic and unique Venice, in which art and tradition merge and take life in the ancient crafts of artisanal workshops.
Immersed in an archive with more than one thousand works of art printed from 1968 to these days, you’ll learn the secrets of screen printing and, with a frame and a squeegee blade in your hand, you’ll feel the experience of printing a one-colour graphic on a support to be chosen among cardboard, t-shirt or canvas bag, which you’ll take home as a souvenir of a creative, unusual and fascinating adventure.

Afternoon: Half-day excursion with a SlowVenice guide. A look at the city through the labyrinth of its streets and canals.

In a labyrinth like Venice there’s always something new – a view, a street, a stretch of waterfront – to discover. Follow us and explore the places where the tourists never venture, on routes that follow the rhythms of the city and its inhabitants, in search of the essence of Venice. Venice has over 100 islands and islets. And every one of them has streets, small squares and gardens waiting to be discovered, and some surprising plant life and fauna. Feel the invigorating salt air, watch the surface of the water as it ruffles in the changing winds, marvel at the ever-changing play of light and shade, walk streets paved with slabs of limestone and volcanic rock that evoke distant places.
Listen to the stories about art and ancient trades that take inspiration from street signs known locally as Nizioleti, which in the Venetian dialect means “little sheets”: white rectangles painted on the walls of houses and palaces with the names of the city’s streets, courtyards and canals. Experience the real Venice in the company of people who share your desire to dwell a little on the particulars of place, savour the atmosphere in an unhurried fashion, with the knowledgeable input of guides who have a story for every spot you visit. That’s the only way you’ll be able to say: “I slow Venice!”.
Lunch in a typical Venetian bàcaro

Day 4, 

One-day excursion with a SlowVenice guide. You can choose:

  • The route takes you through the maze of Venice and takes you to discover the ancient crafts and Venetian artisans.
    It will be an unforgettable experience, dedicated to who want to discover a Venice that proves its vitality through its traditions and creativity of its inhabitants!
  • Cycling tour along the Lido and Pellestrina islands (40km)
    From the island’s stage of the Film Festival in Pellestrina, protected from the Great Wall of Murazzi, one of the biggest conservation projects of the Serenissima. Cross the main street and with the ferry that connects Pellestrina pedals in a strip of land almost suspended between sea and lagoon, at a crossroads of lights, colors and contrasting fragrances.

Day 5 and day 6, 

Free programme. We recommend:

  • Boat Tour
  • Tour to the Doge’s Palace: The Secret Itineraries and the city museums: Natural History Museum, Peggy Guggenheim Foundation, Museum of the Eighteenth Century in Ca’Rezzonico, Grassi Palace, Gallerie dell’Accademia, Fortuny Palace, and more)

Day 7, 


one world e varie venez sett 040
Islow venice

You can choose your hotel:

The Venice Certosa Hotel*** on Certosa Island is located only 15 minutes far away from St. Marks’ Square. This new intimate Hotel offers guests the experience of an unusual holiday in Venice in the discreet tranquillity of the Lagoon.

Apartament in historical building “Da Rabiato” restored with care and paying attention to the traditional buildings, located in the heart of the North Lagoon in the picturesque and quiet village of Lio Piccolo. Kitchen available for use.

Bespoke experiences

Choose where you want to stay, the itinerary you prefer, the topics that interest you, to explore those places that inspire you, to discover their personal histories for the first time.

Choose to be accompanied by our knowledgeable guides for your entire stay, for just a few days, for those individual excursions, or you can opt for being guided by our travel book, especially made for you!

Let yourself be enchanted by the sights, sounds, perfumes and flavours that only the essence of Venice and its lagoon can offer.

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