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Project Description

It’s fraìma time!

Fraìma for Venetians means autumn, the season in which the smontata takes place, that is when fish migrate back to the sea from lagoons and fish farms.

Fraìma comes from the Latin word “frigidus”, which means cold: before the winter chilliness, the lagoon organisms migrate from the lagoon to the sea, where in deeper and warmer waters they can have higher possibilities of surviving and breeding. It is the period for catching fish in the fish basins. Live the fraima time together with the vallicoltore (fish farmer in lagoons), walk along the banks of the valle di pesca (fish farm) and watch the water rippled by the fall wind and the harvesting of fish in the lavoriero (funnel-shaped enclosure). Follow the rhythm of tides, weather variations connected to the phases of the moon, the day and the night. Discover a world that throbs with life; listen – in silence – to Nature singing.

“There’s only one place where the magic of Venice and the poetry of Nature are entwined”

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Day 1

Arrival at the coast of Cavallino Treporti, and accommodation in the Casone of Valle Sacchetta or of Lio Piccolo restored following the traditional buildings. The buildings are immersed in the quietness of the fish farms of the North Lagoon of Venice.
Traditional fish-based dinner in a typical restaurant of Lio Piccolo or Treporti: you can taste the flavours of a land nestled between the sea and the lagoon, and begin the journey with the description and illustration of the programme.

Day 2

Morning: Half-day excursion to a fish farm accompanied by the vallicoltore

Valle Sacchetta is a fish farm still operating and an important nesting site for Mediterranean gulls. Without any noise, without human presence within a radius of hundreds and hundreds of meters, fully immersed in the lagoon landscape, listen to the stories of the valligiano (fish farmer) while you walk along the banks of the two lakes that make up the fish farm where, for one day, you can live the authentic life of a fish farmer.

Lunch in a tipycal restaurant of Treporti with traditional Venetian dishes.

Afternoon: The Peninsula of Cavallino Treporti: beaches, villages, gardens and lagoon fish farms

By bicycle, discover a land between the sea and the lagoon, and cycle from the sandy beaches with high dunes and shady patches of wood, to the villages on the coastline surrounded by gardens and canals. Follow small streets with little traffic that meander in the middle of lagoon waters and gardens.

Free dinner in one of the typical restaurants on the coast.

Day 3

Excursion: The islands of the North Lagoon of Venice on a Bragozzo
Among shoals and cane brakes, small forgotten islands and banks, the small flat-bottomed boat follows unusual routes, those followed by fishers and clams fishing boats, depending on the tide conditions, grazing the old islands of Ammana, Castrazio and Costanziaca. In Torcello, get down for a walk into the history of the birth of Venice. In Burano, you’ll be received by the colours, laces and nets of fishermen tied up on the banks in front of the doors of their houses. In San Francesco or Sant’Erasmo, you can discover the originality of each island, convent or garden.
Lunch in the boat and sailing


Apartament in historical building “Da Rabiato” restored with care and paying attention to the traditional buildings, located in the heart of the North Lagoon in the picturesque and quiet village of Lio Piccolo. Kitchen available for use.

Villa Sacchettina is an exclusive residence on lease that resulted from a careful restructuring of the “Cason di Valle” following green housing criteria. Immersed in the most authentic and still uncontaminated Lagoon, you’ll be able to stay at the Villa within the fish farm in total privacy, far from the frenzy of everyday life. You’ll be catapulted into an ecosystem that is still unspoiled. And the city of Venice is just 40 minutes away by vaporetto (waterbus).


In this experience, immersed in the environment of the fish farms of the Venetian Lagoon and in the everyday life of a valligiano during Autumn, you can find a particularly harsh climate, perfect for fishing, but for which you must be prepared with the right clothes.

Bring heavy sportswear, garments that can be worn one over the other one: during work and midday hours, you could also feel hot! Waterproof footwear is indispensable.

The pictures have been kindly given by Valle Sacchetta.

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