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Venice wine heritage

Venetian wine culture is centuries-old grown with the tradition cuisine. Surprise yourself with the unexpected combination of the viticulture and the typical landscape of the little island with the colors and beauty of Venice and its Lagoon.

Since two centuries BC and in the Middle Ages, there are evidence of the presence of the vine in the islands, which is also found in ancient maps showing current place names that refer to wine culture. Horti et Vinae were a rare but present realities inside the gardens of the Venetian monasteries. Actually, with the tourist Venice and the fast growing of the city, the wine tradition is lost but the passion of few venetian has revived these ancient vineyards and to discover all the fascinating stories that revolve around the lagoon wine.

You can know the Venetian culture throught the typical food and wine.

Everywhere in Venice you can find a bar or a ‘bacaro’ where you can drink a good coffee or a glass of wine with a ‘cicheto’ (appetizer). And there’s always a reason to offer a banquet: a family celebration, a race, a festival. There is always an occasion to celebrate the beautiful of Venice is not such without the good food and intoxicating wine.

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Day 1 : Arrive in hotel, welcome with SlowVenice guide and presentation of the programme.

Afternoon: Walking tour  in the Rialto market and in the heart of venetian culinary traditions

Rialto, in the historic center of Venice, is home to the traditional fish market, fruit and vegetables.

Here are concentrated the excellence of the Venetian lands.

Cannaregio is one of the most original and fascinating area in Venice, where the culture and the venetian’s atmosphere continue to be conserving and  authentic: the markets, gardens, orchards and vineyards.
During the tour you can taste a cup of coffee in one of the oldest coffee shop with a traditional toasting coffee beans.

Visit and meeting with a Venetian reality to product wine in the traditional wine making practices that is dedicated to preserving and enhancing local products and recovering abandoned vineyards. With this itinerary you enter a secret garden and learn about this unique and innovative reality of wine in the heart of Venice.

Group dinner (included) in a typical bacaro (tavern) based snacks and traditional dishes accompanied by wines from the lagoon of Venice.

Day 2: Day excursion and walking tour in the island of Mazzorbo and Sant’Erasmo.

Leave the island aboard the water bus, public transport boat, to experience the daily life of a Venetian and already the atmosphere of the lagoon surrounds you with the seductive salty scent.

The journey of the whole day is a real mini-cruise along the lagoon canals that gives you has spectacular play of light from morning to sunset.

Learn about how the ‘Venice system’ works, how the tides in the lagoon behave, how the canals are formed and what’s under the buildings.

Get off the boat in Burano Island, famous for its colored houses and its beautiful lace.
Mazzorbo is considered a natural prosecution of Burano, linked to the them by a long wooden bridge.

It’s main richness is the agriculture: here you can find hundreds of artichoke fields and vineyard that has been able to overcome the challenge of the high tide for centuries, giving rise to a wine with characteristics that are entirely unique.

Visit the wineyard of Venissa winery, the  pioneer in bringing wine back to the lagoon. There are 4000 Dorona plants, known as the Golden Grape during the age of the Venetian Doges, this autochthonous grape variety almost became extinct, and after centuries of history only a few plants were left hidden away in vegetable gardens and convents.

Group lunch (included) in a osteria, typical restaurant.

Visit a winery in the island of Sant’Erasmo with tasting of its prestigious wines.

The Isola di Sant’Erasmo is the largest island in the Venetian lagoon, though it’s only sparsely populated. For years this has been Venice’s countryside, the agricultural zone which produces the fruit and vegetables consumed by the hungry city. Among its produce, particularly renowned are the artichokes (carciofi).

Back in the island and group dinner (included) in the restaurant of the hotel.

Day 3

Free time or guided tour in the city choosing from a tour between bacari and tasting cicheti or discovering another Sestriere, Venice’s district (additional).


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The Venice Certosa Hotel*** on Certosa Island is located only 15 minutes far away from St. Marks’ Square. This new intimate Hotel offers guests the experience of an unusual holiday in Venice in the discreet tranquillity of the Lagoon.

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Venezia. Isola della Certosa. © Matteo Bertolin
Venezia. Isola della Certosa. © Matteo Bertolin

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