Red Regatta is a contemporary art project created by artist Melissa McGill.

The project will involve 52 traditional boats armed with sails al terzo to create a series of spectacular performances on the water and create a choreography in motion. Each boat is equipped with custom-made sails and hand painted in 52 different shades of red.

The appointment is Sunday, September 15.

In conjunction with the historic Burano Regata, which presents the centuries-old tradition of voga alla veneta, the Red Regatta will move across the northern Lagoon between Burano and Torcello. The fleet of sailboats will weave the islands and will draw attention to the history and traditions of the place.

Red Regatta will be visible, from 1.00 to 4.00 pm, from the following places of observation: Lungomare lungo Canale di Burano and Fondamenta dei Squeri, vaporetto stop in Torcello, Fondamenta di Mazzorbo.

Red Regatta is the first artwork to be registered as a Clean Regatta and is made possible through an ongoing partnership with the Associazione Vela al Terzo Venezia, an organization that is dedicated to preserving this storied maritime tradition.

On the occasion of the Red Regatta on Saturday, September 14, SlowVenice will be among the speakers at the conference “Past to Present / Local to Global: The Vela al Terzo sailing tradition, with the Associazione Vela al Terzo and Red Regatta” at the Ocean Space Church of San Lorenzo in Venice.

Artist Melissa McGill will moderate a two-part panel conversation exploring the culture and history of the vela al terzo sailing tradition with president of the Associazione Vela al Terzo Giorgio Righetti and the author of Tradizioni e regate della vela al terzo, Silvio Testa, and then delve into the current and future environmental threats to the Venetian Lagoon.

Venetians have been sailing the vela al terzo boats in the city’s waterways and lagoon for over a thousand years.

Designed with a flat bottom and removable mast to navigate Venice’s terrain, vela al terzo boats traditionally hoist sails painted with identifying graphics in earthy colors, representing each sailor’s family.

In Red Regatta, each boat will have sails hand-painted in distinct shades of red, developed by McGill.

As the boats glide though the lagoon in unison set against the sky, sea, and cityscape, the reds reference forces of life and passion, alarm and urgency, and Venice itself—from its bricks and terra cotta rooftops, to its flag and history of trade in red pigment, to paintings by Titian, Tintoretto, and other Venetian masters.

We are honored to have been involved in Melissa McGill’s artistic project, which we enthusiastically joined.

Discovering Venice on board a traditional boat is a unique experience that allows you to get to know the indissoluble bond between the lagoon city and the water.

You can join this experience with SlowVenice.

Sail slowly through the waters that embrace Venice on board the bragozzo, a traditional boat created for fishing and transporting goods between the islands of the lagoon between the 18th and 19th centuries.

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