Chioggia is known as the “little Venice”. Situated on the extreme southern edge of the Lagoon of Venice, Chioggia is suspended between the sea and the Lagoon. It is the ideal destination for an holiday of relax and fun on the beach and it is a strategic point to explore the lagoon environment.

The heart of the city is its historic centre. Here you will be surrounded by an intense and lively atmosphere of voices, scents and colours. In Piazza Vigo no virgola a terrace overlooks the blue horizons of the Lagoon and hundreds of fishing boats of the city fleet are anchored along the banks and the canals around.
The lagoon and the sea embrace each other as they approach the historic centre, offering magnificent views in summer evenings.
You will stay in the heart of the historic center of the city in one of the residences of the SlowVenice network to live an authentic and sustainable holiday, animated by the principles of local tradition and culture.

Here are three things to do to discover and to live Chioggia with SlowVenice!

The Fish Festival of Chioggia 

The Fish Festival of Chioggia is one of the most popular and eagerly awaited events in Veneto. The festival will take place from 12 to 21 July and the penultimate evening will coincide with the fireworks of the Redentore in Venice.

On the menu of the festival fried fish, blue fish, shrimps, squids and cuttlefishes, fasolari and scallops, and other “wonders” that are caught daily.

Do not miss the “bibarasse in cassopipa”, an ancient recipe of Chioggia with clams, cooked according to the old tradition of the lagoon.

Doge’s Diamond, the typical venetian fried cream 

“El barachin dele creme” – in Chioggia – is Nino’s ice cream parlor, founded in 1947 by Mr. Nino Zennaro. That year on his return from Naples that year, Nino created the first “chioggia creams”, already known in Veneto with the name “Doge’s diamonds”.

It is ideal as a dessert at the end of a typical dinner with dishes of the local culinary tradition, as a snack after a walk through the streets of Chioggia, in the middle of the morning after the visit to the fish market or as a conclusion a final moment of your holiday.

The flavor of this dessert will win you over!

Cycling between the sea and the lagoon

A unique experience to discover the Lagoon of Venice from Chioggia to Pellestrina by bike.

The scent of salt, the breeze, the history of the places handed down by popular tales, are part of a landscape suspended between sea and Lagoon, which you can contemplate cycling along the imposing dam of the Murazzi and the white shores of an island of fishermen.

The view extends from the fishing boats that rest anchored to the bricole no virgola to the fishing nets stretched out to dry and to the terns that experience acrobatic dives to catch some fish.

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