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SlowVenice is an established network of hospitality and tourism professionals operating in Venice, the Venetian Lagoon and surrounding territories. Together we provide all the necessary elements to create ethically a bespoke holiday experience in full respect of authenticity and sustainability:

  • accommodation in enchanting locations providing comforts and facilities to satisfy the most discerning client;
  • restaurants serving the local traditional dishes prepared carefully with locally sourced ingredients;
  • travel slowly by traditional Venetian boat, by bicycle or on foot;
  • team of environmental guides with over 30 years of experience, for the unique experience;
  • a Tour Operator specialised in nature and cultural excursions and stays for your bespoke experience.

Our achievements:

  • 2015 Skål’s recognition for the project “Venice, another tourism is possible”
  • 2016 we won the UNESCO Tourism Culture Award with the weekend in Lio Piccolo: The Venetian Lagoon from a sustainability perspective
  • 2017  SlowVenice in the ‘solutions’ of the UNWTO for the Year of International Sustainable Tourism for Development . Here the article
  • 2017  Involved by MiBACT – Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism – to coordinate a work table at the “100 start-up tourism” event on 10 April 2017 in Rome and as Best Practice at the National Event for the Year of sustainable tourism

SlowVenice is a Limosa idea

Limosa is a Tour Operator founded by experts with over 30 years of experience in cultural and environmental education, land management and research.

The SlowVenice team

Roberta Manzi
Roberta ManziMarketing and Communication
I’m in charge of B2B relations. If you’re in charge of an agency, association or hotel and are interested in working with SlowVenice, I’m the person to contact.
Luana Castelli
Luana CastelliGuide, Itinerary Planner
Ask me for information on excursions, personalized itineraries and quotes.
I am an Italian and German speaking guide. GNA guide
Martina Raehr
Martina RaehrGuide, foreign sales
Live outside Italy? I can give you programme info and quotes in your language.
I am an Italian, German and English speaking guide. GNA guide
Giovanni Cortesia
Giovanni CortesiaSchool tours guide
Contact me if you’re a teacher or parent interested in organizing school excursions. Guida GNA guide