“I still see the smile of children when I announced that we participated in this long weekend at the beach dedicated to family blogger”

We hosted the most influential bloggers in the holiday sector with the kids in a  blog tour with a lot of family activities: They have tested for you the activities you’ll find in the Venice Lagoon.

This is a small story of one of the tours to exploring the real Venice and his nature:

“We ride bikes equipped with child seats bici_KidPassfor a 4 hour tour that starts from the bike path central Via Fausta to arrive, a 12 kilometers further on, up to a lane bordered by water on both sides.

A lead us down the path is Luana, passionate leadership of Slowvenice.

Through several stops in viewpoints she tells the history of this territory which becomes the oldest street as you enter the inland lagoon.
In the last part we are projected in a stunning landscape to see and hear: the fish farms flown over by some of the 250 species of birds that nest right in this area, such as the elegant Knights of Italy.

Our final destination is the small village with pastel tones of Lio Piccolo. Here the guide contains a map Salicornia inviting us to taste. It has a very salty taste, it was used in past centuries by the Venetians for the properties.”

This tour is scheduled every Wednesday. Take part!

Was a great exericence! kidpass