Today we bring you to the discovery of the places of Hemingway to live an unforgettable experience of birdwatching.

The careful observation, the exciting waiting of the sighting, the absolute silence broken by the sound of birds. So began the day of Ernest Hemingway, who moved from the United States for long periods only to experience these unique emotions. At dawn on a small boat, crossing the clear and pungent air or the soft and humid mist, he reached the barrel and for long hours stopped, in silence and solitude, in the heart of the Venetian lagoons, the ear attentive to the calls of ducks, the watchful eye on every little wing blender.

Here, where we accompany you, it’s been a long time since we hunted. That’s why the ponds are rich in every kind of bird. But your “booty” will surely be rich. Whether you’re taking pictures or indelibly capturing images through the lens of your spotting scope, you’ll take the thrilling experience of a day in the valley with you forever.

Exclusive and unforgettable, this adventure in the valley is dedicated to the most demanding birders or photo hunters. Without any noise, without human presence within a radius of hundreds and hundreds of meters, completely immersed in the lagoon landscape, you will be undisturbed protagonist of your personal experience, you will collect precious images and strong emotions. Birdwatching also and especially if you are on holiday, is an experience to do with the whole family and your friends.

Let yourself be guided by expert eyes that will tell you the stories and particularities of the typical birdlife and will let you know the smallest details.
Choose the right time to do birdwatching, early in the morning and late in the afternoon, times during which birds move to seek food and feed the little ones.


A unique experience to discover the places so loved by Hemingway.

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