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11 02,2020

Maria Boscola: a flag for Venice


The most famous Venetian “regatante”(woman who rowing) is Maria Boscola da Marina. She won the first race when she was very young in 1740 and the last one in 1784 well forty-four years later, in what was the last regatta in which women participated before the fall of the Serenissima Republic.

Maria Boscola: a flag for Venice2020-02-13T15:27:14+01:00
10 12,2019

The Mulberry tree of Certosa Island


The Mulberry tree is the symbol of Certosa Island’s Park. This tree, a majestic exemplary unique in the Lagoon of Venice, is the king of the island. As for all kings also for the tree of the Certosa there is a story to tell.

The Mulberry tree of Certosa Island2019-12-10T14:21:26+01:00
08 11,2019

The cats of Villa Alberti


When in 1999 the Malerba family took over the property of Villa Alberti, they found a surprise in the historic park to welcome [...]

The cats of Villa Alberti2019-11-08T15:59:18+01:00
23 10,2019

The pumpkin of Chioggia


The pumpkin of Chioggia, called zucca marina, is a delicacy of the gastronomic tradition of the Lagoon of Venice. The pumpkin of Chioggia [...]

The pumpkin of Chioggia2019-10-24T16:01:19+02:00
21 07,2019

Birdwatching in Hemingway places


Today we bring you to the discovery of the places of Hemingway to live an unforgettable experience of birdwatching. The careful observation, the exciting [...]

Birdwatching in Hemingway places2019-07-21T16:49:41+02:00
08 07,2019

Team building out of the ordinary on Certosa Island.


An incentive day - team building on Certosa Island. Teaming up within a company? Sharing experiences outside the work environment? Testing yourself to harmonize [...]

Team building out of the ordinary on Certosa Island.2019-07-08T15:10:27+02:00
30 05,2019

The Lands of Venice by bike


Bike tours in the Lagoon of Venice There are many ways to discover the Lands of Venice. By bike, by boat and on [...]

The Lands of Venice by bike2019-05-30T18:08:44+02:00
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