From Saccagnana to Lio Piccolo and Le Mesole, between sandbanks, herons and fish farms

There are many reasons to take a bike and cycling the road that leads from the beach to the salt marshes, the fishing valleys and the  luxuriant gardens on Cavallino treporti. The peninsula is embraced by the water of the Adriatic to the east and to the west by the even more salt of the Venice lagoon, the fishermen like to go on a sunny day.

If you choose this paradise of emotions and nature for your beach vacation, you can not give up an experience that will stay in your memory during a lots of year.
You can rent bikes and join the interesting excursions that travel agency “Limosa“, an association of natural operators with thirty years of experience in school programm in Venice, has created “Slow Venice” experiences, organized along these lands on the water and walking tour in Venice.

The guides accompany you to discover Cavallino and Lio Piccolo and Le Mesole villages, where time seems to have stopped to protect the tranquility and beauty that nature’s rhythms give every day. Cycling between the sandbanks rediscovers the beauty of silence that marks the “voices” of herons, flamingos, of egrets, knights of Italy and all the other wonderful species of birds that can be seen in these parts.

When the limonium best expresses the brightness of its delicate purple color, the lagoon scenery is breathtaking. Tempted to stop, take the colors and paint it. The images that we propose in this article, show better than words the enchantment of a magical place and still little frequented by tourism.