There are many ways to discover the Venice Lagoon slowly.
Today we invite you to get to know it through music, listening to the sweet melody of E mi me so ‘ndao, an ancient Venetian song dating back to the 17th century.

Let yourself be lulled by these notes on your journey to discover places out of the ordinary.

E mi me so ‘ndao shows on the map of the Lagoon a musical itinerary that will take you to discover the water and the lands surrounding Venice. Its notes slowly lead you to glide over the placid waters of the Lagoon.

The history of an ancient 17th century Venetian song

E mi me ne so ‘ndao is a Venetian folk song that dates back to the 17th century.
Also known with the title “Peregrinazioni lagunarie” (lagoon wanderings), it can be defined “canto a vatoccu” (vatoccu would indicate the clapper of the bell) and “canto a la longa” (song from afar).
The two definitions tell us the ancient way of singing of the inhabitants of the Venice Lagoon.
A verse sung by a boatman was followed by a reply from a listener in the distance, on a boat or on a bank.

Music to discover the Venice Lagoon

Stropes that call each other to invite the listener to follow a musical score that becomes an itinerary.
A slow and nostalgic route through the Lagoon of Venice that touches some known places and others less so, all to be discovered with SlowVenice.
A unique experience to enjoy the landscapes and spaces of the lagoon, surrounded by the special atmosphere that surprises us on a winter day. A weave of lights and colours that are difficult to describe in words and that the sweet melody of E mi me so ‘ndao, with a touch of fantasy, can evoke.

E mi me ne so’ ’ndao
donde che feva i goti
siogando la spinéta
ai altri ciochi

Mi g’ho de le fugasse
de quéle de Malghera
ho caminào par tèra
fino a Fusina

Dal trasto a la sentina
co’ un batelin da stiopo
andeva de galopo
a la Zuèca

Ho caminào la sèca
tuta la Pescarìa
ho dà la pope indrìo
ai do castèi

Ho visto l’Orto dei Abrei
co’ tute le vignolle
da le vignolle indrìo
me so’ reduto

Ho caminào par tuto
l’ho trovà un buranèlo
l’aveva un bel sestèlo
a l’ha mostrào

E mi me ne so’ ’ndào
donde che feva le scuèle
siogando le spinéta
le done bèle

Info by Coro Marmolada Venezia

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