Luana, Limosa/SlowVenice’s guide and itinerary manager, has long time practices the traditional Venice’s sport calledVoga Veneta and he’s part of Canottieri Giudecca team.
She tells us the last holiday group of the Canottieri Giudecca team’s women.

This year the women’s team went Sucé-sur-Erdre-Août_voga_SlowVenice (6)to Sucé-sur-Erdre-Août in Britain, a beautiful region of France.
“In the little town of Sucé sur Erdre the are a local group of Voga Veneta with fifteen rowers members. They gave us the three venetian boat for the journey: 2 gondolas, 1 mascareta, 1 sandolo and 1 gondola built on site by students of a course for carpenters”

During their stay in France the group was officially invited to participate in the Rendezvous of Sucé, a water festival that annually attracts hundreds of historic boats, for three days navigation from Nort sur Erdre in Nantes. We rowed together with our French colleagues and spent some wonderful afternoons to teach children to learn about the boat, not to fear the water, to love this sport that is passion and a lifestyle.

“Yes, although it can be a very Sucé-sur-Erdre-Août_voga_SlowVenice (11)unique thing, the Venetian rowing enthusiasts, and in particular who love traditional boat and venice’s traditions can be found all over the world.
Some cities offer tours or use the splendid boat, symbol of Venice, for special events. In other cities, however, have arisen associations offering the Voga Veneta as sports and recreational activities: Vienna, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Boston, Oackland…”

An example of a funning happens during the holidays “Thursday,  The chambers: liquid elevators” Alert, alert, there is a beaver on the bank !! ” . More likely it
is a nutria, but whatever it is, we are all in a few seconds shaking and we go out on the deck of the boat (we rented a houseboat as a floating house) just in time to see a figure not well it identified that runs briskly.Sucé-sur-Erdre-Août_voga_SlowVenice (3)

Coffee spreads its aroma and recalls all of us around the breakfast table. Some morning we also have brioche: there no lack of variety in our daily diet!
Not miss the unexpected … When everything seems the prerogative of the habit is the time to be careful!

Every situation, every choice, this new challenge were faced togheter.
We were in a not ordinary situation. We were far from home but we are an united family by strong friendship born from the common passion for Venetian rowing.
“How thin cut onion for this recipe”, “how sweet one ‘s childhood experience”, “who knows what she is doing my daughter” orSucé-sur-Erdre-Août_voga_SlowVenice (2) “how much fun an anecdote fished out of vogue among the memories.”

As Saramago says “is the big talking of women that keeps orbiting the world
Among the various reflections one concerns our travels. Every experience has taken its predominant feature. On this trip we are to refine the different roles of the rowing, the mooring and unmooring techniques and guidance of motor boat … In the valley of Le Tindière there is a meadow under a huge chestnut tree, we spread the cloth shade, c ‘it is a fresh wind and restaurateur, and the banquet for lunch is soon full of food.

Photographs taken by Dominique Lapierre illustrate some of the journey whose narrative moments is included in the group blog: