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We are happy to share the new project “Ambassador of culture and the Venetian table” created in collaboration with important Venetian partners. The aim of the training is to invest in so-called ‘ambassadors of good tastes and the sustainable trip’ well informed and to be able consciously to promote the local gastronomy in the own country.


School tour culinary internship: secret recipes to discover Venice and its lagoon

The project is an original opportunity to discover another culture’s cuisine, cooking techniques, new foods, flavors and lifestyle. It can be seen as a trip of exploring the local environment and the territory.

This journey give you the added value to experience a slow and responsible tourism, offering a chance of building up a canal for the distribution of local Venetian food in the country of the student.

We would like to recall our positive experience with
twelve students from Berlin, Germany. They have chosen SlowVenice for arrenge their three weeks internship.
Inspired by the charm, the artworks and the legendary landscapes of the lagoon the students were immerse to discover the variety of the ingredients of the local cuisine and the secrets to combine them into simple or refined dishes. The students had internship in the Venetian restaurants.
During their free time they were involved in having hands – on experience in tourism tour, history of the city and the Venetian culture.

Always accompanied by our guides Luana and Martina they gain real ride tour by bike from Lido to Pellestrina, an excursion with a traditional fishing boat, an outing to the island Saint Erasmo to discover the agricultural products of the islands and kayak tour to discover the nature of Venice.
They had also a professional exchange with students of an italian culinary school in order to prepare a dinner at the Institute of German Culture located at the “Palazzo Barbarigo della Terrazza” on the Grand Canal.