Eight awards, one for each category (travel agencies, tour operators, agencies, hospitality) Italian Responsible Tourism Awards (TRI) and Tourism Culture Unesco (TCU) “Cristina Ambrosini” in 2016.
Eight reality that in Italy are characterized by a sustainable and cultural approach to travel.

We, for nearly three decades and through our passion for the Venice Lagoon, transform into reality the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism.

Limosawas created by the professionalism of our environmental guides.

Today Limosa become a Tour Operator to give us the possibility to organize the whole stay for our guests: every accomodation and every transport are according to the philosophy of environmentally-friendly tourism.
The whole vacation has to be aware that the places visited have a history to maintain and unique relationships to be enhanced.
We decided to become a travel agent to give a great added value to our solutions and travel experiences in a full view and not just limited to a few hours of activity in a daily tour.

Today Limosa Tour Operator created SlowVenice to bring about deeper realities, to discover the reasons of environmental and administrative choices made throughout the centuries in the Lagoon of Venice.
We conduce our guests to see beyond and to become ‘explorers out of the ordinary landscapes‘.

Limosa is continuing focuses on schools, children and adolescents to provide them and their families educational trips as important opportunities for real discovery of unique environments, to learn and enjoy outdoor activity in two Italian UNESCO sites: the Lagoon of Venice and the Dolomites.

Our knowledge and our professionalism into every living room and every weekend we offer because we want to offer the entire site, not just the main facade.

Discover the weekend winner and travel you too responsibly:
The Venice lagoon from sustainable prospective

Info: L’Agenzia di Viaggiologo adv wte