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The Riviera del Brenta was called the Garden of the Serenissima.
Here, from the sixteenth century, the noble Venetians built sumptuous summer residences to spend their holidays immersed in nature.
Today we take you to the discovery the brolo of Villa Alberti, an elegant 18th century Venetian villa situated along the charming Riviera del Brenta, just a few minutes from Venice and Padua.

The historic park of Villa Alberti

The historic park of Villa Alberti, surrounded by an ancient city wall, houses inside three hidden treasures.

The Italian garden, the brolo and secular trees.

Three jewels to live an unforgettable and relaxing holiday discovering the Riviera del Brenta.

In the brolo of Villa Alberti every season has its fruits, fragrances and colours

The brolo is the space in the garden that the Venetian aristocrats dedicated to the cultivation of fruit trees and vegetables. Even today, the ancient brolo still gives its fruits, perfumes and colours to every season.

In spring, the garden of the Villa is painted by the colours of the flowering of the fruit trees.

Around you, cherry trees, apple trees, pear trees and plums in bloom make this corner of paradise even more magical and evocative.

In May you can pick cherries and enjoy them during a pleasant picnic on the soft lawn.

                                                                                                         Taste a just picked fruit

On the warm afternoons of June and July, after a bike ride along the river, you can taste the five varieties of plums that grow in the brolo.

Sitting in the shade of the centuries-old trees on the hottest days of summer, you can read a book immersed in the silence of the park, for a holiday of relaxation and well-being.

Immergiti nella tranquillità che circonda Villa Alberti

In August you will receive pears and apples as a gift, in September figs and persimmons. Climb to the lookout in the shade of the wisteria and let your gaze wander beyond the boundary wall to explore the territory that surrounds you.

In autumn you can admire the colours of the foliage and enjoy the sun on the warm days of October, before welcoming the new season.

In November, it’s time to pick up hazelnuts and learn about the history of centuries-old trees.

Experience a SlowVenice holiday

The central avenue indicates the path to discover the wonderful park and enjoy the tranquility that surrounds Villa Alberti. Everything around you invites you to give yourself time and to allow yourself moments of absolute relaxation.

Let yourself be embraced by the nature that surrounds you and feel to the scents and silences.

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