When in 1999 the Malerba family took over the property of Villa Alberti, they found a surprise in the historic park to welcome them: a colony of cats!

About twenty cats welcomed the new owners.

Gianni Malerba immediately took care of the cats of Villa Alberti and day after day he won the trust of the new guests, even the most suspicious and fearful.

The Malerba family began the restoration work that lasted five years.

Driven by a love of art and architecture, the new owners dedicated themselves to the careful restoration of the Villa and the park, thanks also to the skills of Gianni and his son Giuseppe, both landscape architects.

With professionalism, authenticity and passion have brought back to its glory this Venetian Villa of 1700, to allow those who live there to enjoy its beauty and elegance, giving themselves a holiday immersed in the tranquility that surrounds it.


New cats arrived in the small colony, finding cuddles and food.

Only two, however, have privileged access to the interior of the hotel.

In fact, to welcome tourists who choose to stay at Villa Alberti, along with Gianni Malerba and his wife Paola, Giuseppe with his wife Anna and his aunt Luisa… there are also Coco and Sissi.

In the beautiful days Coco and Sissi will lead you to the discovery of the wonderful park of Villa Alberti, walking among ancient trees and fruit trees. 

If it rains or it is cold outside, you will find them in the bright and welcoming reading room of the Villa, ready to receive a caress from those who in a moment of relaxation are tasting a glass of wine or reading a book.

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