The Fish Festival of Chioggia is one of the most popular and eagerly awaited events in Veneto. This year it is the 81st edition.

The festival will take place from 12 to 21 July and the penultimate evening will coincide with the fireworks of the Redentore in Venice.
The Fish Festival is an excellent opportunity to spend a holiday between food and pleasure discovering the city of Chioggia, otherwise called “the little Venice”.

You will stay in the heart of the ancient city centre. Here you will experience an authentic and sustainable holiday, animated by the principles of local tradition and culture.

It has been recently defined as one of the 100 wonders of Italy and its aim is spreading local culture and habits through the promotion of the traditional food of the city, which is one of the most particular of the region. The inhabitants organize the event to give value to local products and increase their knowledge between people, from fish to bread, without forgetting the horticultural excellences of Chioggia and its territory.

On the menu of the festival fried fish, blue fish, shrimps, squids and cuttlefishes, fasolari and scallops, and other “wonders” that are caught daily. Try “peoci”, which is the name of mussels in the Veneto region, and the greatest recipe of the lagoon tradition: the “saor”. Do not miss the “bibarasse in cassopipa”, an ancient recipe of Chioggia with clams, cooked according to the old tradition of the lagoon.

For those who want to discover Chioggia during the fish festival, the city and its magnificent nocturnal views are offered to the visitor in all its beauty.

The Lagoon and the sea embrace each other as you approach the old town, where concerts and other musical events will take place in particular in these days.

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