The pumpkin of Chioggia, called zucca marina, is a delicacy of the gastronomic tradition of the Lagoon of Venice.

The pumpkin of Chioggia is famous throughout the world thanks to Carlo Goldoni who mentions it in his novel “Baruffe Chiozotte”.
In fact, a piece of cooked pumpkin was offered to Luisetta, the bride of Tita Nane, by the young Marmottina, to provoke the dispute between the two young contenders.

Known in dialect as “suca barucca”, the pumpkin of Chioggia is the queen of the autumn recipes.
Ideal for preparing gnocchi, tortelli and risotto, the pumpkin of the Lagoon of Venice tells us about the close link between land and sea of the territory in which it has been cultivated for centuries.

The soils of the coastal areas and the climate influenced by the sea are perfect conditions for the cultivation of the pumpkin of Chioggia that grows so delicious and tasty. This vegetable, with its sweet flesh and unique orange colour, probably owes its local name, zucca marina, to the so-called “marinanti” families. The marinanti were engaged in the cultivation of vegetables and they were distinct from the fishing families.

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Photo credit by Chioggia Ortomercato

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