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Your journey is bespoke,

fitting your peculiarities, your needs, your curiosity. 

SlowVenice, with artisan understanding, sartorially hand sews your travel experience,
place after place.

SlowVenice is your Italian travel designer,

dipping into profound local knowledge of the territory.

View previous bespoke experiences


Venice wine heritage

Winning in Venice for wine lovers and those want to discover unique places through local flavors and the viticulture in Venice


Seven days by bike in the lands of Venice

Travel by bike in the land of Venetian Lagoon from Bibione to Venice. Discover the changing landscapes of the lagoon, the sea, the churches, gardens and historic villages, or take a break to taste traditional dishes and a glass of good wine.


Venezia Family

Ideal for children and the entire family A different vacation with tours for all the family and activities dedicated only to children to leave their parents to exclusive romantic moments in Venice.