Flavors, scents and colors of the Venetian osterie and bacaro

To discover the real culture of a place you havebacaro-venezia-slowvenice to know the culinary art.

Venice shows its truest and most authentic side through Long paths traced by nature and man.
Whitin calli, campi, campielli and along the banks of the canali (river in the city), it is impossible not to bump into one of the traditional “bacaro”, ancient Venetian bars or “osterie”, typical restaurants.

The aperitif has become a real ritual which spread throughout Italy with different traditions from region to region. The typical Venetian aperitif nfdin the bacari Venice can last a few hours. Practiced both during the week and at weekends, happy hour in Venice, Italy is a time for socializing and relaxation.

Enjoy the fine local wine, accompanied by the typical cicchetti – tasty snacks – the inhabitants of Venice and of the nearby mainland meet before dinner.

Andemo a farse un’ombra” its the venetian slang to invite someones to the aperitif.
Ombra” literally is “shadow” it’s venetian indicate a glass of wine and the “Farse un’ombra” is a friendly way to spend some time together before returning home for dinner.
Where does this expression?
The term “ombra” recalls an old habit followed by many Venetians, to cool off during the hot summer days, they met to drink a glass of wine under the shadow of the bell tower. At that time it was said, in fact, we go to drink “in the shadow”, which over time was changed in: “Let’s drink a shadow”.
Venetian bacari and osterie addition to good wine are famous for the cichetti covering all the bar

One of the most famous Venetian dishes is Sarde in saor, this delicious antipasto features sweet-and-sour sardines with onions, pine nuts and raisins. Sounds odd, tastes amazing.
(Scopri qui i nostri tour e lezioni di cucina e di cichetti)

In and around Venice, here are the foods you just can’t miss!

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