The true history of  Venice Carnival

The Carnival of Venice is one of the best known and greatest carnival event in the world.
The Venetian event is unique in history for the charm and mystery that exercise.

The Carnival of Venice: 900 years of history

The history of the Venetian Carnival comes to us with the first written of 1094. The document speaks about a public entertainment in the days preceding Lent. Carnival was declared public holiday in 1296.

The origin of the Venetian Carnival

Carnival is an ancient event that originated in ancestral cults related to the seasons and the rebirth of nature with the arrival of spring.
The Venetian oligarchy take the holiday spirit of the Latin and Dionysian cults and grant lower classes to become, for a short period of the year, similar to the powerful, allowing them to be able to publicly mock the rich wearing a mask on his face. Major events and lavish parties continue over the years to attract celebrities from around the world and become the European goal of pleasure and play in the palaces, the mask and irresponsibility.
This view is prevalent, but the Carnival is more than just laugh without revealing your face.

Carnival and the strong relatioship with nature

In the entire history of Venice and its lagoon naturevenice-original-nature it is one of the main elements and definitely a reason why so many choices and so many Venetian actions.
The nature of Venice is an integral part of the city. nature creates beauty on which the city was born, the reason of the places that we meet and streets and bridges on which we walk. Nature remains the undisputed star of the history of Venice.
Carnival was born with a very strong bond with nature, we festegia return to the colors and life with the arrival of spring after winter dormancy.

The masks of the Carnival of Venice

Carnival at that time was an opportunity to break down all social differences and get everyone on the same level, it was the time to forget life problems and frustrations enjoying this popular festival all together. The mask was a symbol of the game but also of equality: as people could hide behind it all their shame.

Carnival and its typical sweets

Once the Carnival allowed the Venetians tocarnevale-fotografia-venezia not go to work to devote themselves completely to entertainment. Stages were built in major fields, along the Riva degli Schiavoni, the Piazzetta and Piazza San Marco.

People flocked to admire the most varied attractions: jugglers, acrobats, animals, dancing acrobats. Trumpets, fifes and drums were almost worn out by use, the hawkers were selling dried fruit, chestnuts, fritole (the cakes) and cakes of all kinds. The city of Venice, the great commercial city, has always had a special relationship with distant countries, with the East. Venice, great commercial city, has always had a special relationship with distant countries, with the East, to import spices and other quality ingredients that characterize the traditional cooking.

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