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We were honored that they chose SlowVenice to reinforce the image that you can make sustainable and responsible tourism in Venice.
Their request was a weekend to learn about an unusual Venice and its lagoon, different from what they had ever seen.
Together we talked on the interests and passions, and finally, we have created three days of exclusive experiences and quality.

Dedicated to those who want to visit an unusual Venice and things to do in the less touristy areas of the city: beautiful places where you can still capture the true essence of Venice: unusual places, such as the Cannaregio district or the island of Torcello, an alternative Venice, original activities and tailored experiences. The alternative Venice tour will take you into a hidden Venice to the discovery of the most authentic parts of the city and to see that every corner of this amazing has a magic all its own!

This route runs through the Castello district, he was very “Venetian”, popular and distinctive-looking.

The riverside from where we start opens onto St. Mark’s Basin that was the first port, the commercial and political center of the Republic of the Serenissima, today is a place full of tourism, is a place even by the beauty and extraordinary artistic heritage: besides Riva Schiavoni San Marco and you can also see the island of San Giorgio Maggiore (with the basilica and monastery), the Church of the Zitelle which together with San Giorgio is a project of Palladio, the Punta della Dogana, the Basilica della Salute and small the central lagoon islands such as San Servolo with its ancient monastery.

All this is an amazing salon of art, architecture and secular culture. Discover the exclusive tour