When do you need a tour guide in Venice?

We can understand the value an experienced, knowledge and outgoing tour guide can offer, from lowering language barries to recommending the best non-turisty local restaurants.

Especcially in Venice, that is rich in historical and cultural significance, an educated tour guide can offer a depth of experience and knowledge that goes beyond guidebook snippets or plaque-reading.

When you need a tour guide?

Here are our suggestions to help you figure out when to hire a guide.

6 tips where hiring a tour guide help you

1 – When you have a very little time

A experienced and official guide can show you a focus point to any sightseeing visit, and this could be very precious when you have very little time in Venice. The right guide can give you a customized itinerary thrilling blitz through the area or island of the Venetian Lagoon of your choice.

2 – When revisiting a place

If you are visiting Venice for the second or third times or you love this city and you plan every year to come or Venice is the city you have been visiting since you were a kid and you want to re discover your memomories. Every time in Venice you searching to experience something new. Hire a local guide can give you an offbeat look at a familiar place. A talented guide that live in Venice and have a local knowledge will have something to offer even those who think they’re sick of a particular place.

3 – Because Venice is chaotic and extremely popular locations

A good tour guide will always know the best way to reach a place without que, the best hours to visit attractions, when prices are best, which places you can skip, what is closed or under construction, and any number of tricks with the chaotic venetian pubblic trasport ‘vaporetti’.

4- On long journeys

When you are staying in Venice for more than a few days consider hiring a tour guide for the first couple of days to help you get all the touristy stuff out of the way. Alternately, you can hire a guide late in your stay when you have exhausted the obvious attractions and want to seek out a deeper, more informed or more intimate knowledge of a place.

5 – On nature excursions

On a boat trip through the Lagoon a experienced naturalistic guide can teach you about the different environments or can point you to the animals and birds.

6 – When language barriers are high

When you don’t speak italian language and you fell that the locals don’t talk pleasantly with you.  If it happen you fell like you cannot very enjoy venetinan culture. A local tour guide who does speak your language can be invaluable in countless ways. Not to be underestimated the logistic of travel above all in Venice where the majority of the pubblic trasport are by boat.

A person that speak both languages can also be important if you want to practice italian language and if you want to challenge your language skills with complete immersion.